Improve Your Client and Customer Relationships with a Customer Satisfaction Survey that has………

  • A 70%+ average response rate on worldwide customer satisfaction surveys


  • Up to 62 Questions and Statements of your choice


  • Attributed feedback for all survey respondents


  • World-class benchmarking scores


  • All the major business languages including Afrikaans and Farsi

This is a highly clinical and extremely accurate means of measuring your customers’ satisfaction


You get the honest opinions of your customers and useful data to produce actionable results.  If you are looking to sell more to your existing customers, reduce customer churn, develop a mentality of partnering with customers, benchmark different divisions within your organisation, encourage continuous improvement or simply instil a recognised best practice, then InfoQuest is here to help you through its unique B2B customer survey box.

It may look like a game


Measuring customer satisfaction with InfoQuest® is serious business. We’ve conducted over 122,000 surveys, in 104 countries with unparalleled results for our clients. The InfoQuest Survey is the most cost-effective, dynamic and actionable Customer Satisfaction Survey process in the world with an unmatched 70% average response rate. That’s seven out of ten customers providing you with candid, useful feedback to increase the profitability of your business, all in a way that is fast, simple and fun.

A fact worth repeating


Over 70% of customers complete InfoQuest customer surveys. Compare that to the meagre 5%-20% completion rate of traditional methods of measuring customer satisfaction! Because our response rate is so high, InfoQuest is able to collect useful, detailed information from your top revenue-producing customers, in a way that is quick, easy and enjoyable.

You get the feedback you need, from your most important customers


InfoQuest customer satisfaction surveys go beyond hasty, superficial responses. We uncover the root causes of customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, producing actionable results.

  • You get clear, unambiguous information from the decision-makers at your top accounts that enables you to identify and resolve customer problems that are having the greatest impact on your sales and profits.

  • The InfoQuest Revenue Index, which is based on a statistical model that we developed, details the correlation between customer satisfaction and revenues so you can effectively predict future trends.

  • You gain the benefits of our proprietary ProfitMaxSM Strategic Profile, which utilizes artificial intelligence to help business owners identify the ways to most effectively increase the overall satisfaction level of its customers.

  • Our survey will become a primary component of any continuous improvement program, meeting and exceeding all customer survey and feedback requirements under the ISO and QS quality standards.

You get more useful and use-able customer feedback


With InfoQuest your own existing Customers can determine specifically for your business what you need to do to increase revenues and identify where you can reduce costs in your business.

How? By engaging with InfoQuest’s unique survey techniques, your Customers can quickly identify the areas of your business that adds value to theirs.

InfoQuest’s novel approach to B2B customer satisfaction surveys has delivered continuously high survey response rates – over 70% since its inception in 1989. The physical results gained from these survey findings are closer to the truth, more real and very direct; and much safer to base your future strategies on.

The next steps to a more profitable customer survey


InfoQuest helps each client to build their own mountain of ideas to improve their business based on real, detailed customer feedback. With such a remarkably high survey response rate and with completely attributed data, there is no single value proposition that stands out above others. Benefits can range from an increase in sales revenue of 30% within the first 12 months to an 87% reduction of field sales costs within 6 months.

For a discussion about getting the most out of your B2B customer satisfaction survey, a copy of our price list, or just a chat about the tactical approach, please contact John Coldwell directly on +44 (0)1 484 868 395 or our UK office on +44 (0)1 484 868390.

InfoQuest: – the most cost-effective, dynamic and actionable Business-to-Business Customer Satisfaction Survey process in the world.

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